[IceCat] 31.5.0

icecatIceCat 31.5.0 is packaged for Fedora 21 and Fedora 22.

Release notes:

* Updated to v31.5.0ESR
* Added build support for Windows, MacOS and Android
* Searchplugin instalation for mobile
* Make sure app.update and datareporting are disabled
* Updated html5-video-everywhere to 0.2.30
* Use prename instead of rename
* Adapt Spyblock for mobile
* Added patches to fix build bugs for Windows, MacOS and Android
* Enable LibreJs on mobile
* Updated aboutIcecat graphics
* Added android-images dir
* Fixed about:rights page content
* Added mobile branding files
* Added more fields to AddonsScraper.py
* Fake uname/arch no longer needed

Install it from updates repositories and navigate with this new release:

# dnf install icecat

IceCat user profile is located under $HOME/.gnu and not in $HOME/.mozilla; if you want preserve an old IceCat profile, you need to copy all profile data under $HOME/.mozilla/icecat in $HOME/.gnu/icecat.

mozilla-requestpolicy extension and IceCat

RequestPolicy is an extension for Mozilla browsers that requestpolicyincreases your browsing privacy, security, and speed by giving you control over cross-site requests.

Its development is continued by volunteers in a new website requetpolicycontinued.github.io; even though there are still some compatibility issues compared to the old 0.5 version, you can downgrade at any time.

What are cross-site requests?

Cross-site requests are requests that your browser is told to make by a website you are visiting to a completely different website. Though usually legitimate requests, they often result in advertising companies and other websites knowing your browsing habits, including specific pages you view throughout the day.

Cross-site requests are also used in attacks on users who are browsing the web. Among the attacks that cross-site requests are used in, they are particularly dangerous with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks where your browser is told to make a request to another website and that other website thinks you (the person) meant to make the request.

Every informations and FAQs are reported on requetpolicycontinued.github.io.

Originally, RequestPolicy extension was provided in IceCat source archive, then replaced by SpyBlock, together with Https-Everywhere and LibreJS.

IceCat 31* packaging in Fedora excludes Https-Everywhere since it’s already available separately, while new mozilla-RequestPolicy (1.0) has just been packaged and diffused by Fedora repositories.

You can install it (F20,F21,EPEL6,EPEL7) with

yum install mozilla-requestpolicy

RPM revisions

Listed below some recent updates of my RPMs in Fedora. They are in the updates-testing; please, leave a feedback if something is wrong.

Icon converted to SVG; added appdata files; this package is now built in EPEL7 too.

  • telegram-cli  (Linux Command-line interface for Telegram)

Updated; it now provides a manpage; public key’s location fixed; built even in EPEL7.

Updated to 3.11.10

  • metis (Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering)

Built even in EPEL7.